The Genius Guide To FAKE Confidence

Anyone who tells you they feel super confident all the time is, well, a big, giant liar. We all have moments of doubt and moments when our nerves get the best of us. And, in situations where, say, you're trying to score a job interview or impress someone in said interview, those flashes of self-doubt can be incredibly inconvenient.
That's when you need to learn to fake it. Not in a plastered-on-smile, Stepford Wife way. More in a get-what-you-deserve way. Because, ultimately, the whole "fake it 'til you make it" cliché stems from something real, and the advice ahead, from Nicole Williams, Secret's career confidence coach (and the in-house career pro over at LinkedIn), proves it.
Click on for real-life advice that'll get you through everything from a blind online job application to an in-person interview and even the start of a new job (you know, after you nailed the interview) — without melting into a puddle of anxiety. Or, you know, something a little less dramatic but equally debilitating.

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