16 Books That'll Amp Up Your Creativity

Is it just us, or does the self-help section of the bookstore feel kind of heavy? You know, like it's carrying the burdens of thousands of readers, all looking for a quick fix. Even a perusal of an online library has us hesitant to click the self-help tab, lest we be bombarded with advertisements like, "how to spend Valentine's Day without your cat." So, even though you've committed to finally harnessing your creativity this year, you might not be sure where to begin. From starting that personal project to simply writing more, a new year is a perfect moment to take stock of inspiration. After all, your goal is to grow in a creative way, not join the ranks of So, You're a Chocoholic. And, since the Internet can be a curious place, we've curated some life-changing books that are anything but typical self-help fare. Ahead, 16 reads that will change the way you live for the better.

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