The Average Woman Kisses How Many People Before Finding The One?

GoodRelationship_1_AmmielMendozaIllustrated by Ammiel Mendoza.
Before you find the one, you're going to meet a lot of, let's say, point fives. You're going to kiss some frogs nice people that are probably the perfect match for someone else. But, just how many will there be?
According to a study conducted by eHarmony, women will lock lips with 15 people before finding Mr. or Mrs. right. Moreover, both sexes will go on four terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dates. Women are likely to get stood up once before finding forever love, and men will be stood up twice. The average woman will have four one-night stands, while the average guy will have six. Women will have sex with seven partners, while men will have sex with ten partners before finding the person they want to marry.
All of this average talk refers to the 2,000 British adults eHarmony polled. But, do you find it to be true? There might be only one way to find out. (Hypervocal)

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