14 Resolutions, 14 Big-Ticket Rewards!

Every December, around this time, we like to sit down in our coziest PJs, indulge in that one last holiday cookie, and ponder: What are we going to change about ourselves in the New Year? What’s that one resolution that will ultimately make us happier, more well-rounded people? Tough questions, right? Especially considering that New Year’s resolutions are much easier to think of than to actually do. You know what we’re talking about. Are you really going to go to the gym every day? Cut out all refined sugar? Get more sleep?
This year, your trusty R29 editors are going to conquer their 2014 goals. Guaranteed. How? Because there may just be a shiny, new, much coveted designer item lurking at the finish line.
That’s right, not only are we sharing our resolutions but also the super-expensive, super-luxe goodies we’re going to treat ourselves to if we actually follow through and accomplish our goals. We know, we know — it seems like an impossible task considering that most New Year’s resolutions fail. But, when there’s a pair of Isabel Marant boots or a Suno dress in question, we tend to work just a wee bit a whole lot harder.
Click through to see how we’re going to tear up 2014 and share your resolutions (and rewards) in the comment section below.