Bangladesh Factory Workers To Finally Get A Relief Fund

The families of those affected by the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh in April received some hopeful news yesterday. And, it's in the form of a relief fund. In fact, the latest developments, as reported by WWD, may help create a better quality of life for those who continue to feel the impact of the tragedy that happened just a little over eight months ago.
According to the report, four retailers — El Corte Inglés, Le Bon Marché, Primark, and Loblaw Cos. Ltd. (none of which are U.S. brands) — as well as the Bangladesh government and labor-rights organizations have signed on to a program that will begin to compensate victims. Families of those who were killed will receive approximately $25,000, while individuals who were injured in the factory collapse will be given cash and financial support to pay for their medical needs.
The latest announcement marks a solid step forward in helping to repair the damage caused by neglectful and dangerous working conditions, but many issues within the industry have yet to be addressed. Yes, last month, Bangladeshi workers were given a pay raise, and just this week, 13 parties were charged as the responsible parties behind last year's Tazreen factory fire. And, of course, we still certainly feel the outrage over the deaths of these more than 1,000 people. But, we wonder if attention has been diverted from the problems that led to these tragedies, which caused us to speak out in the first place. Here's hoping this latest news will mean continued efforts in the coming year to ensure that another Rana Plaza or Tazreen never occurs. (WWD)

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