Hey Girl, Here’s Your New Favorite App

rexusa_1277819afPhoto: MediaPunch Inc/REX USA.
When we dreamed up the apps we wish existed, we were a little worried we were missing something. Sure, we dealt with the major problems, like taking your birth control pill on time and splitting cab fare. But, we had that nagging feeling that we forgot an important one. It's that same panic you feel when you wonder — while having a small heart attack — whether you locked up your apartment, turned off the hair straightener, and fed your pet.
Alas, we realized how foolish we were. We forgot the app that fulfilled our daily RyGos quota, preferably in a format that includes some "Hey, girl" quotes and/or semi-nude pictures of the actor. Not a lot to ask, right? Well, our weirdo dreams have been answered. Click through to see the app we forgot to wish for but got after all.
RyanGosIphonePhoto: Courtesy of Hey, Girl Weather.
Hey, Girl Weather is a new app that turns your daily weather report into a personalized message from Ryan Gosling. It's 59 degrees and raining? RyGos will compliment your rain boots. 80 degrees and sunny? He's gonna tell you how great your beach body is. And, if you're in the market for a more personalized message, you can create your own "Hey, girl" quote tailored to your needs. Yes, this is the greatest app, ever. No, we don't feel that's an exaggeration.