NYC Bans E-Cigarettes

Mayor Bloomberg has been quite productive in his final month in office. We thought we had seen his unofficial sign off when he joined Jimmy Fallon to write some thank you notes. There was a finality to it, signaling the end of his time in public office. But, with just 11 days of his term remaining, Bloomberg is expected to sign some major legislation that would ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public spaces, including bars, parks, and restaurants.
The legislation comes just weeks after he approved a law increasing the minimum age for tobacco sales from 18 to 21. Once Bloomberg signs the e-cigarette bill, the law will go into effect in just four months. DNAinfo reports that the bill was passed "by an overwhelming majority" of City Council.
While some may be surprised to hear the news of the impending ban, e-cigarettes come with a serious warning from the FDA. The legislation reads, "Although the long-term effects of electronic cigarette devices require further study, the FDA has found that some devices contain toxins and carcinogens and has expressed concerns about their safety." Plus, there's a real concern that the sweet nature of the e-cigarette vapor will attract teens.
City Council also approved the ban of Styrofoam-food containers in NYC. The law stipulates that the only way foam containers can stay is if a year-long study proves the material can be recycled. Which mean, in the next year, you'll probably have to kiss those amazing Dunkin' Donuts coffee cups goodbye, forever. (DNAinfo)