A Missed Connection, But Not For Long

Missed_Connection_!Vladimir Godnik/Mood Boa/REX USA; Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
If you've never trolled the Missed Connections section of Craigslist, then you should probably start now. It's fascinating to see how many submissions go up in just one day. And, it gives us the warm fuzzies to read just how poetic some of the listings are — especially in a city whose inhabitants have a reputation for being a bit, um, unfriendly. But, we often wonder how many missed connections actually come to fruition? And, even if the two people meet in real life, do they end up liking each other? Do they date? Molly Fischer's story sheds light on how a missed connection can turn into something truly beautiful.
Molly was browsing the shelves at St. Mark's Bookshop one night in 2010, when she noticed a man shopping nearby who was, well, noticeable. When she left the bookshop, she decided to hang out for a bit and smoke a cigarette in hopes of catching this person of interest on his way out. Sure enough, she spotted him on his way to the subway. She made sure to get on the same car as him, and the two spent the ride exchanging glances — but neither one made a move to speak. Afterward, Molly decided check out Craigslist's Missed Connections. Just in case.
She found a listing entitled "Girl with a Granta bag - m4w (East Village)." It read: "Yesterday at almost ten we were in the bookstore, each carrying a bag from a literary magazine. Then we rode the L train together. We made a lot of eye contact, which was nice. Craigslist remains weird; who are you?" Molly responded and the two started a relationship that's now entering its third year. Impressive, huh?
What's interesting about Molly's story is that she discusses the hesitancy that some people feel about Internet dating. She writes, "'Meeting online' suggests some over-determined set of premises — even Tinder requires choosing to play the game. You have to know, or at least think you know, what you’re after. But New York is for figuring that kind of thing out."

Though Molly technically met her beau IRL at a bookshop, the Internet is what brought them together. For many New Yorkers, online dating has become a mainstay of their personal lives. Plus, have you seen all the babes on the subway? How could you not take a chance on a missed connection? It could be your soul mate.
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