Rihanna's NYC Apartment Is Kind Of Our Dream Home

rexusa_1837105ePhoto: MediaPunch Inc/REX USA.
Just two months ago, Rihanna announced her plans to move to New York. And, when we heard she scooped up a two-story, four-bedroom penthouse in Soho, we thought for sure she was going to take our sound advice and get herself a roommate or two. Girl, $39,000 per month is pricey rent. Alas, the singer will not be moving in with Craigslist's finest. However, she did take three of the four bedrooms and turned them into closets. So, while you joke that your Manhattan digs is like living in a closet, Rihanna can say she merely lives among her closets. Such is life.
A source told Page Six that "Rihanna hopes to make Manhattan her home. The apartment offers extra security and is convenient to go see her family in Barbados." And, here we were thinking her Lafayette Street digs, located remarkably close to R29 headquarters, was an investment in our friendship. In the meantime, RiRi, allow us to offer some suggestions of what to put in all of those closets. There should be plenty of room for designer decor, luxury handbags, and a Louis Vuitton teddy bear. (Page Six)

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