Why Barber Shops Are In For The Ladies

130807-R29VideoOpener-Shot5Pomp-060-RT-FPhotographed by Lauren Perstein.
We steal more from the boys than what's hanging in their closets. Sure, we're constantly pulling from the male wardrobe for outfit inspiration, but our habits extend beyond a mere sartorial swipe. On any given day, you can find us with a borrowed button-down shirt, razors (if you haven't gotten on the man-razor bandwagon, today's the day), and now, a hair cut fresh from the barber shop.
Though not exactly a brand new trend, the number of female barber shop customers is on the rise. And, why not? The barber offers a cheaper, no-fuss option for women who have neither the inclination to make small talk with a stylist, nor the 90 minutes to spend at a high-end salon. Plus, a wealth of celebrities with an undeniable influence have opted for a pixie cut. And, while many barber shops aren't brimming with the pomp and circumstance of a traditional women's salon, they do offer their own brand of welcoming. One R29 staffer gets her short hair cut at a barber and is served a free beer each visit. Not bad, huh?

The New York Times
reports that Fellow Barber's female customer base has doubled since it first opened on the Lower East Side in 2006. Perhaps the appeal is in the lower cost of barber shops — the going rate seems to hover around $40. It's illegal for a salon to charge more for a woman's cut than a man's, but that doesn't mean drastic price differences don't exist. Even women's cuts at a salon aren't created equal, as the price often depends on the length of your hair (and the skills of your stylist).

And, if the barber shop craze has you inspired to go for it and cut off your long mane, we've got some great ideas for styling your short hairstyle. (The New York Times)