Lily Aldridge Isn’t A Fair-Weather Fan

2Photo: Courtesy of KCD Worldwide.
Tonight is the winter event we've all been waiting for: the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. And, while some viewers may think it's their only chance to glimpse the Angels (and that $10 million bra) on TV, you can actually catch Lily Aldridge most Sundays on NFL Today. Yep, she's a supermodel and a sportscaster — not to mention a designer and a mother. So, in preparation for tonight's event, we chatted with Aldridge atop the Empire State Building, while taking in the gorgeous view of our city covered in snow. We may have discussed football, strange childhood career aspirations, and what it's like to practice her catwalk moves at home. Yep, she's the most down-to-earth Angel we've ever met.

We're sure you're excited to watch the Victoria's Secret show tonight. Do you have any traditions when you watch it from home?
“We all watch together, all the girls. We have a party and it’s so much fun. We all cheer for each other. It’s exciting!”

Do you practice walking the runway at home? Maybe with a playlist you have especially for it?
“No, maybe, yes. [Laughs]

It's okay. You can tell us.
"I do sometimes, for my husband.”

Speaking of men, why do you think some men find lingerie shopping to be intimidating?
“I don’t know. There shouldn’t be anything intimidating about it, but I guess there is. The good thing is that at Victoria's Secret's website, you can buy the items, find out your girlfriend’s sizes, and then you can return stuff you don’t like if you’re that scared to go inside the store."

And, everyone is so friendly in the store. They all want to help!
“Everyone is so friendly! Girls get so excited when they see someone shopping for their wife or girlfriend or fiancé. They’d be so happy to help.”

We’ve been watching you do your weekly picks on NFL Today. Do you have a hard time with male football fans taking you seriously because you’re a woman or even because you’re a model?
“Well, this is my fourth year doing it. I think the first year I did it they were like, ‘Oh, a model’s coming on,’ but I killed it. Last year, I beat all of the guys. I got three out of three picks right. So, now they’re my buddies.”


Do you have a favorite football team?
“I’m a Tennessee Titan fan.”

So, you’re banking on them to go to the Super Bowl?
“No, I’m not. Who are we kidding? But, they’re my team.”

What are your favorite winter beauty products?
“I love oils. I think they’re so good for your skin. I love Linda Rodin’s oil. It just moisturizes your skin so beautifully and it looks supple and healthy in the morning. I think that's super important, especially in winter.”

When you were growing up, did you always want to be a model?
“I wanted to be a K Rock DJ. I wanted to work at Disneyland. I thought I was going to be a soccer player. I would say being a Victoria's Secret Angel would be the last thing I thought I would be when I was younger, but I’m so happy that I am. It’s the best job in the world.”