Style-Eyes Claims To Be The “Shazam For Fashion” — Really

style-eyesPhoto: Courtesy of Style-Eyes.
We've experienced the feeling before. We pass a lady on the street who's sporting a pair of the perfect, shiny loafers we've been trying to hunt down for the past several months. And, in case you're not the type to stroll right up and ask your sartorial soul mate where she scored the goods, the Style-Eyes app may just be heaven-sent.
As reported by British Vogue, the new super-smart app is pegging itself as the "Shazam for fashion." And, much like the tunes you identify with a tap off your smartphone screen, pieces of clothing can now be recognized with the Style-Eyes technology. Simply take a picture, and the app will scour its database to identity the product, telling you where you can buy your new object of affection. And, in case the app can't quite find the exact pair of shoes, bag, or tee, it has the technology to suggest similar products in a variety of price points. We admit: We tend to be a bit skeptical with new apps that promise to change our lives (well, our style-stalking habits) this much. But — especially with Fashion Week only a couple of months away — we've never been more excited to take a test drive. (Vogue UK)