Black Friday Spirit Guides, Courtesy of Hollywood

black-friday-shoppingPhoto: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
You can prep all you'd like, take notes on the myriad need-to-know sales, and even set 10 different alarms to wake you from your Turkey Day slumber, but perhaps you're still missing that certain something to help you make the most of Black Friday: your own spirit guide. But, don't fret. Hollywood has you covered.
In an effort to make this Friday the most epic shopping experience ever, HuffPo rounded up a few of the on-screen personalities who we'd totally call for advice. That is, if they really existed. Not surprisingly, Cher Horowitz made the list — she'd help you spot the "totally important designer" finds hidden on the sales rack — as did Rachel Green. (Remember: She has Barneys on speed dial!) Of course, there are several other notable leading ladies in those ranks, and while they may be fake, the shopping skills are real. Click over to see the entire lineup and to take in that final dose of retail inspiration before Black Friday begins. (The Huffington Post)