The Surprising Things Women Choose Over Sex

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It's taken us a long time, but we think the population at large is finally convinced that women not only want, but enjoy sex. Wild, right? But, according to a new study by British beauty brand Sanctuary Spa, women do have a very interesting set of priorities. The data from the study reveals that 55 percent of women surveyed chose skin moisturizer over their sex life. Ninety-four percent also chose watching the newest episode of Downton Abbey over sex, too.
Now, the average woman likely won't face a life-or-death situation in which she must choose either smooth skin or a roll in the sheets, but it's interesting to know where sex wins out when it comes down to it. Is it our fault that Matthew is so devastatingly handsome, and that staring at him for an hour is preferable? No.
In other findings, of the 1,000 women surveyed, 91 percent picked skin as the top indicator of another woman's age. Twenty-six percent of the women also fessed up about wanting more youthful looking skin, followed by 14 percent who wanted longer legs, and 11 percent who lusted after fuller, thicker locks.
The study doesn't outline its methodology, so it's important to take these results with a grain of salt. So, is our preference for better skin indicative of a deeper biological need to remain attractive? Or, is Downton Abbey just that good of a program? (Times Live)

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