Zach Braff Photobombs Newlyweds, Because Of Course He Did

2Photo: Via @saschareinking.
We love a good photobomb. In fact, photobombs as an art form have the ability to elevate an ordinary picture to a whole new level. And, the phenomenon of photobombing has taken the celebrity world by storm (we're looking at you J.Lawr. You too, Bey). But, the latest celeb 'bomb that's about to go viral is from none other than Zach Braff. Weird, right?
We're not sure of the circumstances that brought Braff to the heart of Times Square, and to cross the street at the very moment this couple was kissing. But, there he is. When photographer Sascha Reinking realized Braff had inserted himself in the picture, he tweeted at Braff "Sir, I think you photobombed my newlywed couple the other day in New York. :) Well played..." Braff, proud to have his moment realized, reposted the picture, tweeting "My best photobomb ever." Um, is there an archive of Zach Braff photobombs we didn't know about? In any event, this couple just got the best wedding picture, ever. (BuzzFeed)

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