6 Couples Who Fell In Love On The Subway

Nearly 8.5 million people live in New York City and more than half of them ride the subway’s 22 lines every day. Without question, the MTA is the lifeblood of Gotham City. But it’s also the cause of countless anxieties. As a result, we board the train with our iPhones, iPads, and Nooks in our hands and headphones snug over our ears as if we’re suiting up for battle every time we pass through those sliding metal doors (which, let's be honest, we kind of are).
Every once in a while, though, someone peeks out from behind the iBarricade and catches eyes with a stranger. You could say, in that moment, they might even fall in love. It happens a thousand times a day to millions of people. Missed Connections was created for a reason, right? So, we’ve scoured the Big Apple for tales of traded glances that spun into obsessions; conversations that turned into dates; email exchanges that started month-long flings. What we found? Engagements, marriages, and life-long commitments that all started with the simple swipe of a metrocard. And while these may sound like the stuff Rom-Com dreams are made of (we’re looking at you Gwyneth), these stories aren’t just fantasies. Here, six couples open up about how they broke all (the alleged) rules, and found love on the New York City Subway. Hey, you never know who it might happen to next.