Lena Dunham & David Sedaris Play Carnegie Hall

2Photo: Via @lenadunham.
There are moments when we witness something so epic, we're not entirely sure how the world didn't collapse in on itself. So, when Lena Dunham and David Sedaris joined forces Tuesday night — and at Carnegie Hall, no less — we found ourselves blown away by what is perhaps one of the greatest meeting of the minds in recent history. Dunham has become nothing if not the voice of twenty-somethings in New York, and Sedaris has become one of the greatest literary voices of our time. It's no wonder, then, that the two are a match made in humorist heaven.
Their topics of conversation were quite different, Dunham waxing poetic on the trials and tribulations of body image issues and the general dating of jerks, while Sedaris recounted an essay fro the New Yorker detailing the memories surrounding his sister Tiffany's suicide. Of course, Sedaris followed his story with an excerpt from Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls — a monologue from a divorced high school forensics competitor, to be precise. So, though Dunham and Sedaris delivered entirely different performances, the through-line of addressing the uncomfortable with injections of humor binds them.
After Dunham addressed body images she faced in college ("I didn't love what I saw, but I didn't hate it") and shared some ridiculous quotes from men she's dated ("You're prettier than you let yourself be"), and after Sedaris fulfilled our wit quota, they engaged in a question-and-answer session that reminded us why were all there in the first place. Sedaris fielded questions from Dunham such as, "When are you going to take on the issue of bees? They’re dying,” and “What is the craziest animal or ugliest person you encountered [while on tour]?” Given the chance, we may have asked something along the lines of "Can we see more Dunham-Sedaris collaborations in the future?" and "What does it feel like to know you are the physical manifestation of all that is right in the world?" But, hey, that's just us. (Metro)

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