Norma Kamali Leads A Table Talk On Hillary Clinton, Super Bugs, & Sex

Big Night, Top Chef, The Last Supper. The dinner table is so much more than a place of sustenance; it's sort of history's own equivalent to the modern panel talk. It's a place for eating, yes, but also talking, sharing, and, post several bottles of good wine, some shouting, too! Best of all, when you bring together the right mix of guests (designers Rebecca Taylor and Rachel Comey, original supermodel Dayle Haddon, to name a few) — and the most progressive Guest of Honor ever, Norma Kamali — there's pretty much nothing that's off limits. As such, Refinery29 assembled what, in our minds, comprised the dinner party of our dreams, expanding the talk and topics around our very own table. And, launching a series of table talks that can highlight the thought leaders we think really matter to us and to you.
When it came to kicking off this dinner series and our first GOH, I couldn't think of anyone smarter, cooler, or more representative of modern women's biggest concerns (health, love, leadership, personal style) than Norma. She's not just a hero and mentor to me — and millions of you out there — she paradoxically represents both our past and our future. She's someone who's lived and thrived through our time's most divisive and socially charged decades: the '50s ("All the girls had to wear girdles to FIT...I hated it!"), '60s ("I moved to London to be free of the post Mad Men carryover and see what I was really made of"), and '70s ("NYC was incredible"). But, when we asked what time she has found most empowering and important, she simply said, "Now."
Throughout the night, the conversation touched on the influx of social media and super bugs, sex and online dating, as well as perhaps the most interesting topic of the night: why Hillary Clinton should ditch her purple suits as she preps for presidential scrutiny. Click through to check out some of the snaps from our dinner party. The only thing really missing here was you.

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