Jennifer Lawrence Schools Us In How To Wear A Coat — As A Dress

rexusa_1820694fPhoto: Willi Schneider/REX USA.
Let's all agree that Jennifer Lawrence wins at everything. Hunger Games, Oscars, haircuts, and, now, this. At the Berlin premiere of Catching Fire, the newly pixied starlet showed up in a coat. No, wait — a dress. Actually, it was both, proving formal dressing doesn't just happen underneath your coverall.
Lawrence came decked out winter-ready in a white, double-breasted coat that was tailored on the top and billowy on the bottom, with a full skirt that was made for twirling. Perhaps during a snowfall. And, because J Lawr was working with such a statement-making shape, she kept the rest as simple as can be — no accessories, no problem. As for the takeaway here, we've already jotted down a few notes for how we can channel the winner and recreate this outerwear-as-party-wear look for all of our pending holiday-soirée invites.

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