Corgis May Be Endangered. Who's Going To Tell The Queen?

rexusa_761590hPhoto: Ray Tang/ REX USA.
Just look at this face, would you? Sweet, fluffy, loyal, yappy, and — oh, those adorably stubby legs. Now, picture this precious pooch going the way of the polar bear, black rhino, and mountain gorilla. Unless you're, say, renowned corgi nemesis Helen Mirren, you probably need a tissue. We sure do.
It's with heavy hearts that we must report the beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi is in peril of being an endangered breed, according to Britain's Kennel Club breeders' association. Yes, it's true. Despite being ridiculously cute, despite having achieved full-blown Internet popularity, and despite — hello! — being the dog of choice for Queen Elizabeth, this breed is in danger of becoming extinct. Wouldn't you think the queen have enough pull to do something about this?
Her Royal Highness seems to have these wee pups nipping at her heels, 24/7. She's owned more than 30 since becoming a monarch, though she's now down to just two, Holly and Willow. But, it seems her royal subjects aren't quite as keen. This year, just 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis were registered, falling short (ha!) of the 300-dog minimum required to stay off the endangered watch-list. Come January, the poor pooches will be classified as a "vulnerable native breed."
Consider this an open letter on behalf of corgi-lovers everywhere: Get it together, people! There's no way your designer lap dog is cuter than a corgi. No way. So, start buying. Start breeding. Start appreciating. Otherwise, we're sure a certain royal would be plenty happy to get all Henry VIII on your arses for the sake of her favorite breed.
Keep calm and corgi on! (AFP)

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