Lady Gaga, Original Fame Monster, Grew Five Feet Yesterday — Sort Of

lady-gagaPhoto: Beretta/REX USA.
When you've got unbarred access to every single thing the fashion industry produces, why not reach for the stars? And, in Lady Gaga's case, why not have your four-foot-tall Stephen Jones headpiece do it for you?
Wearing the full feathered-head-to-platformed-toe look from Louis Vuitton, Mother Monster posed for paparazzi after wrapping up a taping on The Graham Norton Show. True to the runway styling, Gaga wore the sheer shirt without a bra and the spangled, black trousers with foot-high platforms (kudos for nailing that apathetic pout as well).
Click through to the next page to view the look on the runway and see how the five-foot-one Lady Gaga became twice her height.
ouis-vuittonPhoto: MCV/Firstview.

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