This Thing Is Called A “Slutty Wallet” — Blame Halloween

slutty-walletPhoto: Courtesy of Ricky's.
We actually completely understand the logic behind the unfortunately named "Slutty Wallet." You're dressing up for Halloween, and, frankly, there just isn't an obvious and functional accessory for the costume you're wearing. Even your nearly invisible, black crossbody is a little distracting from your very compelling portrayal of Marie Antoinette. But, no, the "Slutty Wallet" is not the answer.
Strapped onto your thigh, this wallet holds a cell phone, credit cards, and various other pocket-sized miscellany to be conveniently placed right under your hemline. But, we'll let the product's tagline speak for itself: "Lose your dignity, NOT your valuables!"
Or, you know, you could all just utilize the O.G. standby: your bra.

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