Anna Wintour & Huma Abedin Lunch: What Does It Mean?

rexusa_1809669aPhoto: MediaPunch Inc/Rex USA.
On Friday, Anna Wintour and Huma Abedin enjoyed a lunch together at the Lambs Club. Sure, it might seem like an innocent event (especially since a source claims they've been "friends for years" and were simply catching up). But, we're calling this another twist in the Wintour political saga. Think we're crazy conspiracy theorists? Hear us out.
In December 2012, rumors began to fly about Wintour's potential role as a U.S. ambassador. Though the White House press team declined to discuss any personnel changes at the time, we also didn't hear anything that would eliminate Wintour as a candidate. In fact, the White House representative noted that some of our country's greatest diplomats did not have a strictly political background. Interesting, no?
Fast forward to July 2013, at an exhibit honoring Oscar de la Renta in Little Rock, AR. Wintour and Hillary Clinton were both in attendance. And, though the pair was there to celebrate the famed designer, Wintour laid her political cards on the table in a speech at the event: "It’s anyone’s guess what the next chapter will be for this extraordinary woman. I can only hope that all of you here in Little Rock will be celebrating her come November 2016.” The significance of 2016 isn't lost on us.
The not-so-subtle endorsement resonated then, but became even more impactful at the recent God's Love We Deliver benefit, where Clinton and Wintour gave us photographic evidence that they're in cahoots. The photo of two of America's most powerful women is among one of our favorite pictures ever — and, added serious fodder to the Wintour political conversation.
So, when we see Wintour lunching with Hillary Clinton's aide, we become naturally suspicious (read: excited). Maybe the women were simply enjoying a friendly lunch. But, we subscribe to the belief that what Wintour wants, Wintour gets. Thus, it isn't so wild to think that we'll be seeing the editrix as an integral cog in the Clinton campaign machine — if not actualizing the rumored ambassador position entirely? Stay tuned for further reports! (Page Six)