When It Comes To Horror Movies, These 10 Cities Have NYC Beat

We R29ers like a good scare when we see one. Be it a random YouTube video or something so cathartically horrifying we regret eating before watching, if it's scary, we're there. However, something about Amazon.com's list of horrified cities had us scratching our heads. Either we're a minority in New York or someone rigged Amazon.com's study of the cities who love the adrenaline of horror films.
For one year, the e-commerce giant analyzed the buying patterns of Americans. Turns out us Yankees aren't the biggest fright-film connoisseurs. The South reigns supreme in that genre; seven of the 10 cities on Amazon's list fall in the region. Why? Perhaps it's the heat. Or, perhaps it's the history. Maybe American Horror Story, True Blood, and Anne Rice's novels play a role, too. It's a mystery even Amazon.com can't solve — a ghost story for the techie ages.

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