Condé Nast Chaos: Industry Leaders Chime In

2Photo: Via @bryanboycom.
Yesterday brought the big news that marked the end of an era: Condé Nast is discontinuing its internship program. It was an institution that opened many a door for some of today's leading journalists and fashion folk. The announcement undoubtedly shattered the dreams of thousands of hopeful applicants, and has served as a catalyst for an even deeper conversation about the ethics of an unpaid internship.
While many are still sorting out how they feel about the loss of the program, others have been vocal in both their questioning and their opinions. And, as much as the press can speculate and offer insight, we had to wonder: What do the industry's elite have to say about it? Ahead, the Twitter reactions from 10 major influencers.

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Amina Akhtar, fashion editor

Anne-Marie Guarnieri, beauty editor

Lauren Sherman, editor at large, Fashionista

Susie Bubble, style blogger

John Jannuzzi, senior digital projects editor, Lucky

Ray Siegel, senior web editor, CR Fashion Book

Leandra Medine, blogger at Man Repeller

Aliza Licht, senior vice president, communications, Donna Karan

Bryanboy, fashion blogger