LifeCan Works Magic Making NYC Pond Water Drinkable

2Photo: Courtesy of LifeCan.
If someone approached you with a glass of water from a pond in Central Park — replete with all the green floaties you can see, and invisible amoebas you can't — would you take a swig? Of course not. But, when the creators of LifeCan, a portable water filtration system, promised the water was completely clean after it was filtered by their prototype, we accepted the challenge.
We know what you're thinking. Woof, right? The pond is a color we're not quite sure exists in a deluxe Crayola box — not to mention the mysterious ick that lurks beneath the surface. But, the water tasted clean, just like it came from the tap. LifeCan, created by SimpliPure, can purify water from any source, except salt water. And, it's tiny. Seriously, the thing is probably smaller than the purse you're carrying. Contaminated, toxic water is no match for this thing, as its mega-filtration system removes sediments, most chemicals, and 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses. Sure, for us it was simply an excuse to sample pond water (and brag about it later), but SimpliPure has bigger plans for their little device. LifeCan could mean the difference between life and death for people without access to clean drinking water — all one billion of them worldwide. Even on a smaller scale, this device can provide clean drinking water to communities following a natural disaster. What's that saying about big things coming in small packages?
To support LifeCan, check out their campaign on Indiegogo. It's true, it takes guts to sample water you're certain was toxic just moments before it was filtered. But, just remember: It's all in your head, and (thankfully) not in your intestines.

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