Rihanna Is Moving To NYC! Freak Out!

Well, the headline pretty much said it all, but yeah: Rihanna is moving to the Big Apple! We loved seeing Ms. Shine-Bright-Like-A-Diamond herself around town during New York Fashion Week and now, news has surfaced that she may have been apartment hunting on the down-low all the while. Indeed, she's already packed up and moved out of her L.A. mansion due to stalkers, trespassers, and attempted burglaries (that's hardcore), and as soon as her tour is over, she'll be calling our city her home. Or, you know, at least a hopeless place wherein she'll hopefully find love. No news as of yet as to where in NYC she'll go, so why don't you play RiRi's realtor and sound off on a great location in the comments below? (Page Six)
emPhoto: Via Page Six.