With A 60% Plus-Size Population, Should We Just Call It “Average”-Sized?

1Photo: Courtesy of MYNT 1792/Lydia Hudgens.
It's become quite an industry norm to label women above a size 14 as "plus sized," a term that's often in comparison to "straight-sized," which refers to those below a size 14. However, as a recent poll suggests, our lexicon might need an adjustment. As reported by HuffPo, a recent poll by e-commerce site shows that 28% of plus-sized women prefer to be labeled as "curvy." Other terminology options, including "plus-size" and "full figured," earned approval from 25% each of those surveyed.
However, while this kind of labeling debate has been a hotly discussed topic before, now, more so than ever, is prime time to pay attention to the alternative terms chosen by women, including "normal" or "average." After all, with 60% of the population currently wearing this category of clothing, "average"-sized seems to be quite an appropriate term. But, will the general population be willing to call plus-sized clothing "average," and in the grand scheme, how important is this labeling debate? Should we be paying more attention to making better, more-exciting options available, rather than deliberating on what label to place on it? Read the whole report, and let us know for yourself. (Huffington Post)

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