Vision Street Wear Rides The Nineties Revival Wave (Straight To The Mall)

If you don't remember Vision Street Wear, "no fear": the iconic sports brand is rising like a phoenix from the ashes and into a mall near you. If you need a flash reminder of the aesthetic, just think of Clueless' Travis Birkenstock on a tidy day: He'd probably be wearing threads and kicks from Vision Street Wear, the quintessential music-savvy skate brand of the '90s. As with most iconography from that decade, a second chance for glory has returned, right on time.
Footwear will be Vision Street Wear's core focus for now. According to WWD, a new collection of 11 men’s styles and seven women’s styles will retail from $45 to $75 at spaces like teen retailer Journeys, who are testing out the comeback range right now.
Though the new target customer was likely just being born when the brand rode its first wave of success, its legacy in the BMX and general skate community remains, and will perform as a key selling point. "It’s the brand that all the skate kids wore back in the day, and we’re stoked to be carrying them,” Erin Gill of Seattle's The Sneakery told WWD. “They’re bringing back the styles that were cool, and from there, they have the opportunity to build with new colors and new patterns.”
Vision's brand manager Encinas also wants to work the music angle. "We’re trying to get back to the roots of music and art," he explains, and listed musicians such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Yelawolf, and Bad Religion as ideal brand ambassadors. Though, we're sure a newly '90s-obsessed Miley Cyrus would love a pair, too. ( WWD)
smallvisionshowPhoto: via WWD

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