Amy Poehler Does A Hilarious Impression Of Her 3-Year-Old

Most of us know Amy Poehler for her comedic genius. Of course, she's also one half of the most epic Golden Globes hosting gig of all time. But, when she's not on camera as Leslie Knope, she's playing Mom to two adorable boys. Seriously, she has some of the cutest kids in Tinseltown. Of course, when you're parented by Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, how can you not take that title?
The funny lady stopped by Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show yesterday to talk up the premiere of Parks and Rec, but the real highlight was her familial anecdotes. She regaled the audience with tales of her inquisitive five-year-old, and did the cutest impression ever of her 3-year-old son. As it turns out, her youngest son has an adorable lisp, and hates spicy salsa — you do the math. Watch below and have the greatest laugh of your morning. (Huffington Post)