For Two Famous Photogs, Harlem Revisited

We're not sure why going above 14th Street has garnered such a bad rep amongst the fashionably cool — except when you need to shop a luxe designer collaboration at Target, of course. But some of the most interesting places in our city exist not only above this marker, but well upwards of 100th Street.
To illustrate just that, iconic photographers Bruce Weber and David Bailey headed to Harlem to capture the spirit of one of New York's most animated neighborhoods. For Weber, this meant a return to his Harlem home. For Bailey, it was a return to the scene of one of his career-defining shoots, with model Jean Shrimpton. Oh, and did we mention these were all taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020? Though the pair produced over 1,000 pictures, we've selected a few that showcase the nature of their project, as well as Bailey's first time using a digital camera. Click through for seven reasons to get on the six train this weekend.