Why Sophia Amoruso Likes To Hire Confrontational People

sophia-amoruso-1Photo: Courtesy of @sophia_amoruso
In the world of business, Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso is definitely not your garden-variety leader. A self-described "angry anarchist" who's always been more about breaking the rules than following them, Amoruso has built her e-commerce empire from what started as a side hustle. Her upcoming book, #GirlBoss: How To Write Your Own Rules While Turning Heads And Turning Profits, is a bit of an (obvious!) announcement. Sure to be entertaining and enlightening, it'll breathe some intel about how one of the biggest success stories in the business looks (and acts!) more like your BFF than The Donald. What other businesswoman would name her book after a Japanese revenge film (that's Girl Boss Guerilla, for anyone who's checking)?
Working under the Nasty Gal umbrella is one of the most coveted jobs right now for fashion enthusiasts in L.A., and we asked Amoruso what the number-one quality is in the people that she hires. Said Amoruso, "I would say someone who's comfortable with confrontation. We all have different opinions, and that's what helps exploring different options for the business. I like to say I hire people who disagree with me. I like people who are sensitive to the environment and can follow through."
That confrontation might come in handy at your first interview, too. From the book, Amoruso reveals that she's a tough griller:
Now, in retrospect, I was probably the Salvation Army’s worst customer because not only was I sneaky, but I also haggled. ‘This sweater has a hole in it,” I’d say after marching up to the counter. “Can I get 10% off?” Even if it was only $5, it was worth it to me. I looked at every article of clothing in there, on every rack. So germaphobes, beware: I got to be a success by touching every single thing in the thrift store. I paid $8 for one of those Chanel jackets, and sold it for $1,000. The other one I sold for $500, and then I still went back and haggled some more. That’s part of why it’s so hard for me to hire people. I’m shameless. I was willing to try to cut a deal at the Salvation Army. What are you willing to do to succeed?
You can't pre-order the book yet, but watch this space for when and how!

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