An L.A. Newbie’s Favorite Discoveries

Raise your hand if you're one of that lucky number that made a westward move from NYC to our fairer, sunnier, City of Angels. Hmm. That's a considerable number of hands. Well, add to your number Ms. Grace Helbig, former Brooklynite, actress, web-TV superstar, and comedian extraordinaire. Like so many of you, she rose up the New York professional ladder — thanks to her work with My Damn Channel and her own The Daily Grace — but set her sights on the left coast for bigger opportunities and the sweet life.
Since her move in November of last year, Helbig has been feeling out her new city, finding her favorite spots to eat, drink, and shop, and hang, and even making an appearance on our own 30 Under 30 L.A. edition along with 29 other local movers and shakers. Her go-tos form an interesting list of places we all know and little secrets we haven't tried. It's also a group of vegetarian-friendly bars, restos, and other distractions that remind us of when we first landed in L.A. — fresh, unseasoned, and just dying to get out and take it all in.
Click on for Helbig's picks and visit here to meet the rest of this year's 30 Under 30 set.

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