Lindsay Lohan On SNL — For The Sixth Time

snlembedPhoto: Courtesy of NBC.
Everyone is trying to make Lindsay Lohan's comeback happen. Including us, for a matter of fact. Though she's been down this road (and back again) before, this time it seems like LiLo might really be on her way to a permanent recovery from addiction — not to mention finally securing a fresh start for her career. The latest reason why we believe the hype? According to Radar Online, Lohan has been tapped to host an episode of Saturday Night Live.
And, not just any old episode, either! Our girl has, according to an unnamed source, booked a spot on the season opener. This is her sixth time hosting the show, and while some of her appearances have been certifiably great (a particular Debbie Downer skit comes to mind), others have been awkward flops. She did a pretty good job on Chelsea Lately, so we're optimistic. Here's to hoping she doesn't let us can do it, LiLo! (Radar)

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