Friday Rant: Lame Study Suggests Brit Women Lose Fashion Confidence At 42

Do you know what age-appropriate clothing looks like? Nope, we don’t either. In a recent survey, asked 1,711 women aged 18-65 about their fashion spending habits — and learned that 53% of women interviewed felt they had lost their confidence in their personal style at the average age of 42. Oh no. The majority described this lack of confidence as being based on an inability to find age-appropriate clothing.
Now, it is that phrase that is the cause of the problem. There is no such thing anymore. The British high-street is filled with fashion stores appealing to women of every age. Just pop into a Cos or a Whistles store for proof.
Great personal style at any age is all about experimentation, confidence, and a whole lot of attitude. As long as you walk into a store with an open mind (and an open wallet), you will find something that suits you. That is what we are planning on doing for the next couple of decades anyway. See you in the changing room? (
Photo: Courtesy of Maia Harms.

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