Pinterest’s NYFW Mega-Board Is Everything

pin-2Photo: Courtesy of Mashable.
The approach of Labor Day may mean the end of summer, but for those in the fashion industry it means the beginning of another, totally major time of year: Fashion Week. Next week, Manhattan becomes a swirl of rushing-but-stylish reporters, models, bloggers, and celebrities dashing from show to show. This year, however, Pinterest is making the big event accessible to those who can't be there IRL. Today, the site launched its Fashion Week hub, where Pinners can find all their favorite designers, style blogs, and influencer boards in one spot.

Pinterest will also be adding hubs for the upcoming London, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks, creating a sort of mega-board of all things fashion. Now, you can peruse up-and-coming designers, peep backstage makeup artists' secret products, and generally coo over the boards of Dannijo, Eva Chen, and Anna Sui.
Plus, readers can get tips from the likes of WWD, Elle, and more. Oh, and did we mention we're on there? (Mashable)