Did Cameron Diaz Just Take Jason Segel Off The Market?

Back in February, when Jason Segel and Michelle Williams broke up, everyone was very, very sad about it. This is not only because the couple was so perfectly adorable together, but also because despite the first 45 minutes of Forgetting Sarah Marshall (and The Muppets, now that we think about it), we feel Jason Segel is probably a really great boyfriend. And it appears we're not alone in that observation — rumors of Segel dating Cameron Diaz are quickly graduating to hard facts.
Diaz and Segel were spotted dining at Nick & Toni's in the Hamptons over the weekend. One source says "they were casually dressed and seemed to be very comfortable chatting." Sure, that sounds like it could be a friendly dinner. However, the same source says "they arrived late and had to wait for a table, and then were seated outside on the patio." Um, is there anything more romantic than a late summer's-night dinner on a patio in the Hamptons? Not much.
The pair start filming Sex Tape next month so we'll just have to wait and see if the suspected courtship blossoms into an IRL relationship that so often stems from on-screen romances. (NY Post)
cam-2Photo: Via NY Post.