This Is What Happens When A New Yorker Goes To L.A.

gagaPhoto: REX USA/Picture Perfect
Maybe this isn't exactly what happens when a denizen of NYC heads to the West Coast, but sometimes we feel like a goth clown with paint on our face whenever we visit the City of Angels. We're over-dressed, people are staring, we haven't quite mastered the nice Cali glow, and suddenly we are very conscious of the fact that everything we own is a wool blend. So, you know, the best thing to do is just embrace your New York-itude and huddle down in your voluminous cape and just let it ride. Not all of us do jean shorts, right? Sometimes we want to be a crazy witch or Disney villain, because, in New York, that kind of thing flies pretty easily (and looks relatively awesome). Not only is it acceptable, but it's weather-appropriate, too. Don't worry about fitting in, because maybe we do wear a lot of black, but at least we know how to layer.