This RyGos Browser Will Make Your Life Better

There have been a handful of apps and tools that can eliminate all those adorable-yet-overwhelming baby pictures from your social media feeds — but this one is literally life changing., a new Chrome extension, will change the images on any website to pictures of Ryan Gosling. Take a moment to freak out now.
Created by Brooklyn-based web developer Katherine Champagne, a.k.a our new best friend, this browser tool is the answer to a problem you didn't know you had. Champagne told Mashable, "I hope that inspires more women to get into web development — there needs to be more of us, ladies! It's not all math, it's not boring – as I hope evidences, I've found programming to be an incredible creative outlet." Indeed, Champagne's agenda includes making the Internet a happier place by infusing even more RyGos into it, and creating interest in web development amongst women. We're into it!
Though you may not use this as your permanent, everyday browser, is definitely the perfect pick-me-up the Internet has to offer. Now, you can keep up with world news without seeing unpleasant graphic images. You can replace your entire Pinterest boards with various photos of Gosling. At this point, you may be wondering: Is there such a thing as too much RyGos? The answer is no. (
RyGos-2Photo: Via

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