So…Lindsay Lohan Is Doing A Talk Show?

In one of the more bewildering Hollywood news items of the week, it appears that Lindsay Lohan is about to get a lot more screen time — live screen time, as a matter of fact. The oft-troubled actress, who is just about to finish a stint in rehab, will be taking on a guest-host role for one sure-to-be-memorable night on Chelsea Lately.
Chelsea Handler will be handing over the reigns on August 5. No word yet on who LiLo will be interviewing, whether she'll be allowed to actually talk or made to read from a teleprompter, or if she'll be opening up about her own life at all.
We have to hope for a bit of insight into her future plans, though. Things have really been looking up since her sort-of praised performance in The Canyons, not to mention the accompanying New York Times piece that reminded us all that, troubled or not, she's still a household name. Either way though, we're already clearing a spot in our busy schedules so we can tune in to E! at 11 p.m. next Monday. The only question that remains: To live-Tweet or not to live-Tweet? (E! Online)
liloImage: Via E! Online.