Win-Win: Your New Summer Sandal Gives Back, Too!

When you donate to charity, you're certainly not in it for the reward. Sure, it's nice to know that your contribution was recognized and appreciated, but the real reason you give is because you care — and in exchange, you get all those warm, fuzzy feelings that come from being a better human. But more and more, designers are getting involved with organizations, creating an irresistible pairing of a cause you want to support and an item you'd definitely buy for your wardrobe. Enter: Ix Style sandals.
Founded by Francesca and John Kennedy, Ix Style sandals offer a step toward clean water for the world with every purchase. The sandals' design hones the Kennedys' Guatemalan heritage and is inspired by Mayan textiles. And since these kicks are made by a group of over 800 female artisans — who then invest about 90% of their income back into their community — it's a great way to add super-cute sandals while supporting a great cause.
For every pair purchased, Ix Style donates to Charity Water, a group whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to everyone in the world. And because we've always got your back, dear reader, we're hooking you up with a 25% discount — just enter Refinery29 at checkout. Finally, a summer wardrobe purchase you can feel really, really good about.

Photo: Courtesy of Ix Style