We Knew It: Shopping Totally Counts As Cardio

Get ready to wave goodbye to that overriding sense of guilt you suffer when shopping, as a new study has just blown it out the water. That's right, you burn 15,000 calories a YEAR on your hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. Or jeans. Even handbags. Bottom line is, with the news that shopping is totally a form of exercise, we’re vowing to do it more often. Sorry, wallet.
The results from the survey conducted by Wall's Solero Exotic show that when shopping, British women walk, on average, a whopping 180 miles a year. That’s seven giant marathons. So, screw the gym — this health kick is, ahem, miles better. (We’ll omit to mention that the results also showed a third of us snack whilst shopping, with 10% of us polishing off 1,000 kcals per trip. Yeah, we liked the other figures better too.)
Women everywhere, memorise these stats and get ready to use them in your defence the next time someone questions your shopping habit. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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