Print Wonderful: An L.A. Artist Collabs On A Summer Collection

L.A.-based artist Brooke Reidt is teaching us a thing or two about collaboration. The abstract painter recently teamed up with Element to create a capsule collection that features her kaleidoscopic prints. From a perfectly versatile sun dress that would go from farmers market to happy hour in a snap, to a cute backpack we're thinking is the perfect match for our beach cruisers, we're positively smitten.
As an Element Eden Advocate, Reidt belongs to a group of artists supporting Element's "Live, Learn, Grow" motto. So naturally, we had to pick the inspiring lady's brain for her thoughts on fashion, creation, loving L.A., and more. Pour through the Q&A and then click on through the view the collab and shop the pieces here!
You're no stranger to collabs. What about your work lends itself so well to apparel?
"I love fashion. I'm equally in love with the art, craft and history invested in handmade textiles from all over the world. It inspires me as an artist in the same way that designers find inspiration in art. Collaborating on commercial projects related to fashion allows me to share my art on a more public platform and reach a larger audience."
What about L.A. influences you?
"Diversity. Living in a community inhabited by so much cultural diversity instigates the desire to learn the histories and rituals of all of them. It allows me to relate and make those connections through conversations and even in my work. The environmental diversity allows me to live in a city without feeling too constricted. I can be in the ocean, desert or mountains in about an hour each direction. I'm not going to lie, I take every opportunity to escape and to hunt for new inspirations in new places. Traveling for extensive lengths always redefines how colorful Los Angeles really is."
Who did you picture wearing this collection when you designed it?
"I imagine anyone who is free spirited, doesn't take fashion too seriously, and enjoys a fun print."
Describe your ideal day in L.A.
"I spend most nights inside painting. An ideal daytime would involve early foraging through the farmers market to prepare and share a meal, and then revel under the sun. Fanging through fields poaching wild sage, rifling through hikes for new views or swimming in the sea, and lolling in the sand, too. A perfect ending would be dancing to live music until my legs ache. I just saw Bjork at the Hollywood Bowl, which is my favorite summertime venue!"
When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
"I never took art seriously, it was just what I did, it's what makes me happy and feel alive."
How does your creativity influence your personal style?
"Eventually it's added tiny specs of paint to everything I own! And because my priority is painting/working, I'm not a stranger to wearing a favorite pair of shorts or a favorite shirt repeatedly."
What one item in your closet could you not live without?
"Any pair of denim shorts by One Teaspoon."
Who's on your summertime playlist?
"I listen to an extensive variety all day long while I'm working currently on repeat is Beat Connection, Bjork, The Entrance Band, Free The Robots, How To Destroy Angels, Little Dragon, Poolside, The Rolling Stones and Toro y Moi."
Photo: Courtesy of Element.