Why We Totally Heart Allison Williams — And You Will, Too

Our feelings for Marnie aside, we're totally smitten with her real-life alter ego, Allison Williams. Maybe it's because we've got a major crush on her famous dad (what can we say, we love Nightly News), but it probably also has to do with her whip-smart sense and down-to-earth personality. Turns out we're not alone, because Williams' name has been floated as a possible Emmy nominee for her work on Girls. In anticipation, the affable star sat down with Deadline to chat about this past season, and the result was positively delightful.
Williams shows off her dry sense of humor with one-liners and anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of playing the frustrating Marnie Michaels. What does she tell people who don't watch her show because they don't own a TV? "I always say very dryly and honestly, 'You should invest in one. I'm not even saying you would necessary like our show. But TV is so good right now." How did she feel about shooting the scene inside Booth Jonathan's creepy art installation? "Those images on the screen were just gross. But I'm the kind of person who has to fast-forward parts of True Blood."
Beyond her quirky jokes, Williams also has a total sensitive side when it comes to sympathizing with her occasionally hard-to-like character — she muses on connecting with Marnie over relationship drama and uncertainties, and even shares her now-Pavlovian response to karaoke music. Read the interview in its entirety for all the good stuff, and jump on the Allison Williams bandwagon — if you haven't already. (Deadline)

Photo: Via Deadline