What Pre-Hipster East London Looked Like (Yes, Such A Time Existed)

Hipsters really have the power to renovate a place, don’t they? Y’know, “rework” it. Except in the case of East London. We kinda feel like it was always vibey — and now, we’ve got photographic evidence to prove it.
Brick Lane, Dalston, Shoreditch. All places on our property wish lists. It's only their sky-high rents that hold us back from moving right on in. Having fast become the It ‘hoods in London, all of them have got hipsters to thank for the urban transition to the East — changing what was considered a shabby suburb, riddled with squatters, into a thriving hub of modern art, ultra-cool concept stores, and fine café culture.
But, looking back at these photos of yore, is anyone else noticing an uncanny sort of déjà vu? Okay, there may be a few more modern shop facades and well-paved roads around these days, but seriously, some of these streets have barely changed since the ‘60s!
Gentrification. It’s a funny old thing. (BuzzFeed)

Photo: Via BuzzFeed

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