Jimmy Fallon Convinces Brad Pitt to Yodel Across NYC Rooftops

If we had to make a list of the most remarkably unsexy activities one can engage in, yodeling is probably one of them. Traditionally characterized with green overall shorts and a lack of intelligible lyrics, yodeling hasn't exactly made strides in its hipness quotient. But when Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon take on the age-old practice, it becomes something magical.
Without channeling a single 19th-century outfit, Pitt and Fallon took to the rooftops of NYC to demonstrate the tacit understanding that can exist between two yodelers, reminding us that the pair can make pretty much anything cool. So, because Fallon has a new habit of doing hilarious things with beautiful celebrities, and because the Internet is a gift that keeps on giving, we give you the #yodel.
Video: Via YouTube

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