Rad Alert: Amy Adams Knows Acting Strong Doesn't Mean Acting Manly

Amy Adams isn't quite a "celebrity" — she's a star. (Well, she might actually refer to herself as an "actress," but we think she certainly has that je ne sais quoi that makes her a talent for the ages.) But in her cover story of Interview Magazine's June/July issue, she differentiates between the idea of being known for your acting abilities, and being a celebrity. "...I think that especially in the way that we’re exposed today as actors — and I’m not going to use the word celebrities, because I think there is a differentiation — it makes it hard to be a voyeur and really pull from what’s around you...I think I closed myself in a little bit more because I started to feel really vulnerable being looked at or photographed."
Of course, she is referring to the ever-present eye of the paparazzi, not the expertly helmed lens of Mikael Jansson, where the normally bright, semi-reserved actress takes a sultry swim with her Superman co-star Henry Cavill. Trading her natural make up for a vampy lip and sleepy, half-closed bedroom eyes, Adams' shows her darker side, but in her interview, she gives a great glimpse of the gentle, poised gal she has come to be known. "What I like about Lois and Clark, too—and what I think we've preserved—is that there is this sort of throwback, gal Friday feel to her, that she exists in a man's world and she's still extremely feminine." In fact, this was one of the best things about playing Lois Lane, for Adams. "It was important to me because I do believe that you don't have to act like a man to be strong. You can still be feminine."
The interview is filled with loads of movie references (it appears that there is nothing Adams loves more than the silver screen), and the magazine also features a similarly shot Superman a.k.a Henry Cavill who, like Amy, smolders on page.
Photo: Courtesy of Interview Magazine

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