Thakoon’s Favorite Apps Will Make A New Yorker Out Of Anyone


Finding out what apps the most influential people swear by is like gaining first-hand access to their studios. It's an inside glimpse of how great minds think and navigate the world. We've already shown you how the
Game of Thrones
cast kills time by exploring the Westeros, and today's installment comes from Thakoon Panichgul, the guy behind those cheeky, cutout dresses that Diane Kruger's been sporting recently, not to mention a CFDA/Vogue favorite. He's rounded-up the perfect list, allowing you to traverse the city's streets with the ease and class of a proper New Yorker (even if you can't name 10 Starbucks locations off the top of your head like all real Manhattanites).


Weather Live
— I know I'm boring, but my mood is so affected by weather…this app has great info and great sky images.

— I use this for making corrections on sketches, print designs, ideas. It's great when you're traveling a lot.

Print Magic
— Wireless printing of photos, which is really helpful.

— For car services in NYC. A car can pick you up faster than hailing a cab, and the fleet of cars is great!

Gibson Learn & Master w/StudioShare
— I'm taking guitar lessons, and this is a great tuning app.

Nike Training Club
— Personal-training service for the gym. It's got a lot of intense workout options, so you're never bored.

— I am always looking at real estate, especially when I'm traveling to other cities. I like to see what homes are for sale.

gUnit Lite
— Conversion app that's good for currency, length, temperature, everything!

Concerts! —Tells you what concerts are coming up, where they are, and links to your playlist so you always know when your favorite bands are playing.

Photo: Courtesy of Thakoon.