UPDATE: How Kate Upton Really Ended Up In This Victoria’s Secret Catalog

UPDATE: Kate Upton would like us all to know that whatever rumor you read yesterday claiming the model was "furious" with Victoria's Secret over the use of a two-year-old photo, it's false. Though we thought at first the photo meant she was working with the brand again, it turns out the image was from a brief stint she did with the mass lingerie retailer way back when. WWD explains that it's a common business practice for brands to do a "buyout" of a particular image in order to guarantee full usage rights, whatever may happen in the future. In the hopes of settling the bra-pocalypse, a source close to Upton says, "She’s not furious. She’s just not thrilled about it, and the reason is she’s not contracted to work with Victoria’s Secret. The way it unraveled so quickly left a bad taste in her mouth.” (WWD)
Kate Upton haters, beware: You may find yourselves eating your words. The seemingly obvious match of Ms. Upton in the supermodel heaven that is the Victoria's Secret catalog has never been made, mostly due to the anti-Upton sentiment of the opinionated Sophia Neophitou. As the Victoria's Secret casting agent, Neophitou has famously said she would never use the 20-year-old model in her lingerie shows. Yet, BuzzFeed managed to get their hands on the latest VS catalog — and lo and behold, there's Ms. Upton's barely-clothed visage staring right back at us.

Upton is "too obvious," Neophitou said in a New York Times interview from earlier last year. "She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and the kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy." Ouch. But for someone with a "too obvious" look, Upton's certainly made the best of it: She's scored three
covers this year alone.

Don't expect Upton to walk the runway any time soon, though. BuzzFeed's Amy O'Dell explains that, "Casting for the catalog and fashion show are seen as two very different things to the fashion community." True, but this model's meteoric rise to fame has something to do with her relentless pursuit of the fashion world's top-dogs. And, she finally finagled her way into this year's Met Gala, so who's to say she won't slip her way into a pair of angel wings by the next lingerie show? (Daily Mail)

Image: Via BuzzFeed; Courtesy of Victoria's Secret.