ScarJo’s Beauty Secret Is A Little Stinky…& Found In Salads

In all likelihood, Scarlett Johansson's secret ingredient for a fresh face isn't actually hanging out in in your fridge — but maybe your pantry, if you have one. (Hey, there's just not a whole lot of room after all that milk, beer, and weird salsa you just can't stop accumulating.)
But having a pretty visage like ScarJo may be enough to convince you to toss those and make room for what the actress swears by: apple cider vinegar, and some lemon juice. Scarlett finds the vinegar, though generally harsh, can be a great toner. "If you have breakouts, it can be really healing," she tells Elle UK. "It's a little bit stinky, but if you're not sleeping over at your boyfriend's, it's really effective"
What do you think? Will ScarJo stick to her natural beauty regimen for good? Or, will we see her embrace the miracle of retinol-infused products and leave the vinegar to salads? (Elle UK)

Image: Via Metro